Chicken and Turkey prices are based on final processed weight. Lamb  and pork are based on the hanging weight. If you want to make other arrangements, or make a live purchase, contact us ahead of time to work out a price.


We will be getting our chicks at the end of March 2023. They will be ready at the end of May. All our chickens are vacuum sealed when frozen.



We will be hatching our turkeys again this year. We will begin taking orders for Christmas Turkeys in November 2023.



We have individual cuts of pork available. We also sell whole pigs, sides, weaner pigs and some live sales. Contact us for more details

Whole pigs and Sides, $6.50/lb hanging weight, plus cut, wrap and smoke/cure.



 We have individual cuts available and should have whole lamb available in late summer early fall 2023. We are also taking orders for Hogget (yearling lamb) which shoulld be ready in spring 2024.

$12.00/lb Hanging Weight Hogget TBA